New Farm Shop & Cafe, Shetland

Mackenzie’s Farm Shop


There’s an exciting new venture opening up in Shetland’s south mainland. As well as being a real asset to the local community Mackenzie’s Farm Shop will, I’m happy to say, be another outlet for my work.


Mackenzie’s Farm Shop is in Cunningsburgh, and due to open in June. I first met Hazel Mackenzie, who along with her husband Kenneth is opening the shop, at my first ever craft fair in November 2015. She told me about their plans for the shop and showed interest in my painted wooden boards.


I can’t believe how the time has passed, and now the shop is nearly open! I recently took a trip to see the space and deliver some painted wooden boards, framed washing line pictures and some new greetings cards, all of which will be available to sell when the farm shop is open, and having had a preview I can say the space looks great!


The Mackenzie’s plan to sell local produce – fresh vegetables, local eggs and meat – and everyday items as well as fancy goods, and there will be a lovely spacious cafe with an open fire too. There is also space to let for any other business venture (one unit is already taken up by a beauty therapist).


I’m looking forward to seeing the place open for business and hope it is a real success. I’m sure it will be.


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My story of becoming an artist definitely begins with the garden.- Highlands. I designed and created a garden from the 1 acre waste ground surrounding our house, which is on a challenging steep slope, with fantastic views. I started the same way as I would any piece of artwork and looked at the size, shapes and textures choosing certain colours of plant combinations to fit the layout. I had some previous experience growing and caring for plants, so knew which conditions suited which plant type.