Art in Orkney!

New outlets for my art: Orkney


There have been some exciting developments going on lately, which I’m excited to share with you!

Sarah Kay Arts has expanded into two outlets in Orkney.


Both are in Kirkwall, Orkney’s capital: Judith Glue, a well established gifts, knitwear and homeware shop on Kirkwall’s man street, and Mirrie Dancers – a brand new Shetland based chocolatiers which recently expanded, opening a new shop on Albert Street.


I had been aiming to have my work stocked in Orkney at some point, and while this is a bit sooner than i had expected, as a hige fan of the isles I’m utterly delighted.


I’ve been visiting Orkney for years and adore it. We regularly take weekend breaks there, usually out of the summer season.


I enjoy collecting seaglass and pottery from the beaches there, and only use genuine Orkney beachfinds in the artwork I sell there. I really hope people like it – I’d love to know what you think!



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About the Author:

My story of becoming an artist definitely begins with the garden.- Highlands. I designed and created a garden from the 1 acre waste ground surrounding our house, which is on a challenging steep slope, with fantastic views. I started the same way as I would any piece of artwork and looked at the size, shapes and textures choosing certain colours of plant combinations to fit the layout. I had some previous experience growing and caring for plants, so knew which conditions suited which plant type.