Aurora Borealis


Having lived in Shetland all of my life I am guilty of taking our spectacular skies for granted (and often making little effort to bother to look!) It is only when the most fantastic photos pop up on facebook that I appretiate what I have missed.

I decided to have a go at painting some of the amazing sky pictures and have finished one this week! As you may already know my favourite colour is turquoise, or pthalo turquoise to be exact, so this has been the perfect subject to use my colour. In this original painting I have also included a good old Shetland pony. I used acrylic paint on plywood board and have framed it without glass. It measures 50 x 40 cms and is for sale in my website shop.   In Shetland we also call Aurora borealis The Northern lights or Mirrie dancers!   Following this experimental painting I would like to go on and design a range of aurora borealis artwork.

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About the Author:

My story of becoming an artist definitely begins with the garden.- Highlands. I designed and created a garden from the 1 acre waste ground surrounding our house, which is on a challenging steep slope, with fantastic views. I started the same way as I would any piece of artwork and looked at the size, shapes and textures choosing certain colours of plant combinations to fit the layout. I had some previous experience growing and caring for plants, so knew which conditions suited which plant type.