About Sarah Kay

My story of becoming an artist definitely begins with the garden.- Highlands. I designed and created a garden from the 1 acre waste ground surrounding our house, which is on a challenging steep slope, with fantastic views. I started the same way as I would any piece of artwork and looked at the size, shapes and textures choosing certain colours of plant combinations to fit the layout. I had some previous experience growing and caring for plants, so knew which conditions suited which plant type.

Strange times everyone says.

It is warm and very windy outside today, July is often a strange month of weather here in Shetland.  Today I should have had a group of visitors to my art studio and garden, for a tour. However this is not possible due to the risk of catching a troublesome virus. Our country came to [...]

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Instagram for Art

As an artist and creative business owner, promoting my work online and on social media is a key part of my business. And as a keen Instagram user, I was really excited to attend a workshop by writer and photographer Jessica Rose Williams, held recently in Lerwick. Jessica came to Shetland with Promote Shetland (you [...]

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Donations of treasure!

  Living in a small community like Shetland has many benefits, as I’m sure many of you know. It is safe, there’s a great community spirit and people are usually very keen to help each other out - as I’ve been finding recently! I’ve been making art pieces using sea glass and other beach finds [...]

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Shetland scenes.

  Shetland is a huge inspiration to me, yet when I first began painting, almost three years ago now, I was keen to avoid the “typical” Shetland scenes: puffins, Shetland ponies, the lodberries. However I’ve recently had a change of heart - and following the popularity of my Shetland landscape paintings, I’ve decided to have [...]

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New work, New Stockist!

    As you might know, recently I’ve been working with resin, a new medium to me. I’m really enjoying using this, and am delighted to have taken some orders for my work.   A new stockist for 2018 is the  Scalloway Museum. Opened in its current location in 2012, the museum is fantastic and [...]

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Agricultural Show time – Shetland.

  Summertime in Shetland sees the local districts hosting their annual Agricultural shows.  Starting with The Voe show, followed by The Cunningsburgh show, then Whiteness/weisdale  host an indoors show of crafts, baking and veg/flowers.  These are good fun which attracts thousands of people. Vos show was for people who live in that district only to [...]

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Wool Week Buttons, handmade unique range of buttons designed and made by Sarah Kay. Shetland artist.

Shetland Wool Week visitors!   As Shetland wool week continues to grow and having bookings for our accommodation for September for 2019! I thought I should try and think up something of interest for them in my art studio, and I though of a new idea – Buttons!   I have been experimenting with resin and [...]

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Shetland landscape painting

As a break form painting by myself, I am currently enjoying attending a painting evening class, with the lovely artist - Heathter Wilson. The theme for the 8 week course is landscapes and we have been given a beautiful photo of a landscape with and orange and purple sky, reflecting in water, on the island [...]

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