Beachcombing – Evie, Orkney

by | 28,03,17 | Artwork

Beachcombing – Evie, Orkney

Beachcombing is one of my favourite pastimes; you never know what you will find.

While on a beach combing trip to Orkney recently I decided to go to explore a new spot. I came across the beach of Evie, which is a large sandy beach.

It had a corrugated pattern in the sand and was very clean. At first glance, you would think there was nothing much there, but taking a closer look I noticed small shiny shells peeping through the sand.

Two hours later I was still there, addicted to collecting! I found one sought after groatie buckie. There were shells with shapes and colours I have never seen before, and all on a beach which looked unpromising. What a great afternoon. I will definitely use these finds when making future mosaic pieces of artwork.