Shetland buttons – Treasure beach


Shetland buttons – Treasure beach range. Choose from 3 sizes.

Shetland buttons - Treasure beach range.

Looking for a unique way to add a special touch to your next craft project? Check out our Shetland Beach Buttons! These beautiful buttons are individually handmade using beach treasures like sea glass, shells, and tiny pebbles. They're perfect for accenting handmade clothing, bags, and more. With a wide variety of colors and styles to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect button for your project. So add a little something extra with our Shetland Beach Buttons!

These come in 3 sizes - 3 cm with rim,  2.5 cms or 2cm across. They have been designed and hand made using beach sand, silvery coloured pebbles, sea glass and often tiny bits of shells. Collected from a small hidden beach at Burra, Shetland,

They are sold as a pair attached to a piece of card.  Thank you for looking at my artwork!

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Dimensions N/A
Button Size

Medium 2.5cm ", " small 2cm “, ” large 3 cm


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