Aurora Borealis inspired brooches (small), green glow in the dark.


Mini Aurora brooches, own your own piece of the night sky.

Aurora Borealis inspired mini brooch.

Have you seen the magical Aurora Borealis in the sky?

Living in the Shetland Islands we are spoilt with Aurora, Shetlander's have their own name for the Aurora show - Mirrie Dancers.

This Jewellery collection has been inspired by my love for our night skies. Own your own piece of Aurora borealis to treasure.

Created with resin, glow in the dark green, metallic pigments, a hint of sparkly stars and imagination. Each piece of jewellery varies slightly, making it unique.


Each one comes attached to a card in a velvet gift bag.

Please choose your favourite shape from the menu.

Thank you for looking!

Additional information

Shape of brooch

Heart brooch “, ” Bottle brooch”, ” hexagonal brooch “


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