Beachcombers bliss jewellery gift set.


Shimmering beach collection, resin jewellery at its finest from Shetland.

Handpicked beach finds collected from beauty spots around Shetlands coast, captured in clear resin for you to treasure.
These 3 piece matching sets are great value and each one is original, hand made in Scalloway by designer- Sarah Kay.
Choose your preferred design from the menu - Square, oval, heart, circular or mixed. In shimmering white background.
Every piece is slightly different with a combination of silver shells, Periwinkle shells, Cowrie shell, white seaweed and sea urchin shell.  If you prefer to choose the exact one get in touch and I can send you more pictures.
The pendant cord is adjustable in length - 18-20 inch
The studs are finished with stamped 925 sterling silver post and butterfly back.
which set will you choose?
Enjoy a wearable piece of The Shetland Islands, Scotland.

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Oval ", " square ", " Circle “, ” Heart “, ” mixed


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