Sunset beach earrings. Rare Yellow shells from the island of Whalsay.


Original beach inspired earrings, created from beach finds, resin and shimmering mica.

Welcome to my collection of sunset shell jewellery.

Each shell has been hand picked from a beach at Challister on the small island of Whalsay, where I grew up.

These shells are a beautiful bright yellow and orange colour and are Periwinkles, only found on a few places around the islands.

I have used a shimmering black mica background in the jewellery, like a Shetland sunset.  The stud posts and back are sterling silver. The hook on the dangly pair is also sterling silver.

I have made complimentary brooches, pendants and gift sets too.

Thank you for looking!

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circle studs 13mm ", " mini studs 10 mm ", " large oval stud 17mm ", " small oval 13 mm ", " Dangly earring


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