Printed cards. Blank inside. Shetland theme paintings by Sarah Kay. Pack of 5


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Packs of printed cards with envelopes in individual sello bag.

Prints  from 5 of my favourite Shetland paintings. The pack of 5 includes 1 of each design.

I have added an option to have 5 of 1 kind if you have a favourite.

These are excellent quality, professionally printed.

Including - Mousa broch, Scalloway castle x 2 views, West Sandwick Yell and Shetland hills.

Additional information

Printed cards paintings

Pack of 5 mixed “, ” 5 x Scalloway castle “, ” 5 x Mousa broch “, ” 5 x Sunset Yell “, ” 5 x Blue Voe Scalloway “, ” 5 x Hills


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