Let’s talk jewellery!

With unstoppable creative energy I have made a considerable collection of jewellery due to experimentation and getting a bit carried away! Not to bamboozal potential customers I have sorted my jewellery pieces into collections. With 2 main themes – Aurora Borealis and Sea inspired.  I have also put together matching sets today and found that [...]

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Shetland landscape painting

As a break form painting by myself, I am currently enjoying attending a painting evening class, with the lovely artist - Heathter Wilson. The theme for the 8 week course is landscapes and we have been given a beautiful photo of a landscape with and orange and purple sky, reflecting in water, on the island [...]

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Welcome to the Blog

My story of becoming an artist definitely begins with the garden.- Highlands. I designed and created a garden from the 1 acre waste ground surrounding our house, which is on a challenging steep slope, with fantastic views. I started the same way as I would any piece of artwork and looked at the size, [...]

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