Hrossey Exhibition.

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2017 is already shaping up to be an exciting year, work wise. I got some exciting news recently with the offer of a brilliant opportunity from Northlink ferries: I have been selected to have my artwork displayed onboard one of their ferries!

The Hrossey is one of two passenger ships which sails between Shetland, Aberdeen and Orkney. Footfall on the ferries is huge, so this is a fantastic opportunity for my artwork to be seen. Passengers on a trip to Shetland can sdpend up to 12 hours onboard, so there should be plenty of time to view the work!

The area for display is spacious and well lit, with lots of natural light from the windows opposite the wall. There is space for 8-9 pieces, and the size of the exhibit allows me to try out different techniques, exploring my interest in mosaics and mixed media.

The opportunity does pose a challenge, however, in that the brief for the work is an Orkney theme. (Hrossey’s sister ship, the Hjaltland, is showcasing Shetland).

So,  I made a quick trip south to collect reference materials, photos, shells, sands, sea glass and sea pottery from around Orkney.

The islands have stunning landscape, as does Shetland, so I am keen to promote that and not necessarily focus on the well known tourist sites, as there are lots of interesting places throughout the isles.

The exhibition is up!.  I’d love to hear what you think if you get a chance to see it!