New Commission complete!

by | 15,08,21 | Uncategorized

I was delighted to be chosen to design Shetland inspired product by Shetland Arts – to be sold in their 3 retail outlets in Shetland. After a lot of though and research, I came up with the idea of using shell sand collected from beaches around Shetland and setting it into clear resin – my medium of choice. I decided to make something useful, instead of ornamental clutter! – My coasters were born. Shetland arts were pleased with the design idea and ordered 100! Making that quantity all the same was a challenge.

I have heard they are selling well form the 3 outlets which are – Mareel, Lerwick. Sumburgh lighthouse gift shop and Bonhoga Gallery, Weisdale. Shetland Arts own the exclusive right to selling my sand coasters for one year. What a great project to design an original product for a specific outlet, if you own a shop, get in touch!