Open Studio & Garden

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Art and garden tourism – 


Shetland enjoys a large number of tourists who come to explore the islands each year. Some notice my artwork around shops and visitor centres and assume I have an open studio at home, often turning up to have a look! Similarly some of my garden visitors often request and expect to see my artwork as part of their garden tour.


So this has made me consider ways of possibly offering a viewing into my workspace, or bringing my artwork outdoors – into the greenhouse perhaps?


I may need to investigate different ways of doing this by visiting others craft makers and artists in the isles. There are several that do this who are part of a local ‘craft trail’, you can find details of this here ( )


For 2018 I have been asked to consider allowing visitors from the cruise ships to come and visit my garden. This would be in busloads of 50 people at a time – there are 86 ships scheduled for 2018 with 95,000 people having booked to cruise! So I have some serious planning to do. Any advice regarding managing group visits would be extremely welcome!